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Your chakras are the 7 main energy centers in your body. If they are out of alignment or blocked, it can have a significant impact on your life and your health. It′s always important to engage in as many healing activities as you can to keep them balanced and functioning properly.

When you engage in chakra healing and balancing exercises on a regular basis, you feel like you can take on anything in the world. We are going to talk about a few easy chakra healing and balancing exercises you can start right now, so you can feel a reduction in stress immediately.

Chakra Healing & Balancing

Chakra balancing is about aligning the energy in your body in a way that promotes healing. We have 7 chakras which are invisible to the naked eye:

  • Crown chakra
  • Third eye chakra
  • Throat chakra
  • Heart chakra
  • Solar plexus chakra
  • Sacral chakra
  • Root chakra

Sometimes, the only thing that we need to do in our day to day life is to make a few tweaks to get our chakras spinning. When the chakras are healthy and balanced we are more confident and secure, we communicate and receive communications effectively, and we′re able to make sound decisions. With practice and a few simple cleansing exercises, you could be one healthy machine of positive energy and vibes.

Crown Chakra Healing for Calm & Serenity

The purpose of this chakra exercise is to force you to be in the moment, tune you into the divine, and your future. It combines crown chakra healing and third eye chakra healing which will help relax your busy mind.

  • Put one hand on top of the crown of your head.
  • With your other hand, put a few fingers right over the third eye chakra (the point on your forehead between your two eyes).
  • Hold this position until you can feel your pulse through both hands.

Crown Chakra Healing for Harmony

This is a great exercise for attaining a general sense of harmony from within. Try it at the end of a busy day, after a stressful event, or after events with a lot of people (such as shopping or a big family dinner.)

  • Put your hand on your crown chakra, on top of your head.
  • Place a few fingers from your other hand on the tip of your nose.
  • Center, breathe deeply and wait until you feel pulse points in each location.

Throat Chakra Healing for Communication

Have you ever been at a loss for words, or unable to think of the right comeback at the right time? We all have, trust me. When your throat chakra is in good shape, you send and receive messages easily. When your communication is en pointe, your stress level naturally goes down. This throat chakra healing exercise helps put some power back into your voice.

Begin by simply exercising your voice, like a singer would do before a performance. Warm up your vocal chords by chanting “ohm” or another relaxing sound.

  • Put your hand on your crown chakra, on top of your head.
  • Place the other hand over your throat until you can feel a pulse.
  • Breathe in then out, deeply until you feel all of your negative stress exit your body with every breath.
  • As you exhale, visualize words like fear, stress, or worry leaving with your breath.

When your life force energy is blocked, sluggish or imbalanced, it can cause you to be stuck in negative patterns of thinking and behavior. Your fears and beliefs determine how open or blocked your energy centers are.

When these energy centers are blocked you:

  • experience pain and frustration
  • have an inability to manifest your dreams
  • feel powerless
  • lack direction or conviction
  • feel stuck in many areas of your life
  • struggle with feeling successful

Symptoms you may experience when your energy centers are blocked include:

  • fatigue and irritability
  • erratic or conflicting emotions
  • disinterest in your life or goals
  • lack of focus or productivity
  • chronic or unexplained pain and illness
  • lack of boundaries
  • poor relationships and not feeling loved and supported
  • not experiencing the success you desire

With a chakra healing, you may experience more physical energy, a more positive outlook, being less reactive to situations, dissolution of pain, improved mental clarity, more productivity, success and joy.

The more energy that you move and clear, the more benefits that you will experience.


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