Alan Kowaleski

Certified Bio-Feedback Technician/Counselor Reiki Intuitive, Nutrition & Weight Loss Life Coach

Alan Kowaleski is a certified Bio-Feedback technician and counselor, along with being a renowned integrative wellness educator, lecturer and Intuitive Reiki Practitioner. Alan has implemented and helped thousands of patients into the fields of biofeedback, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine. As a vegetarian and nutritional counselor for the past 33 years, he understands the value of ENERGY MEDICINE and Weight loss Management. Where ever you are on your journey to wellness, Alan will take the time to educate, test, coach and encourage you to the results desired.


I was brought to Reiki through a period of ill health and surgery. After trying various lifestyle changes yet continually becoming ill and having low energy levels, I was frustrated and feeling low. One day “Reiki” just popped into my mind and before I had even researched fully what it was I found myself booking my first treatment with a local practitioner. 

My first experience with Reiki was mind-blowing, I didn’t know that it was possible to feel sensations of this kind! I felt waves of energy pulsating through my body, saw colors in my mind’s eye, felt a comforting warmth and had a much needed, long overdue emotional release. Added to this, in the days following the session I experienced an increase in energy and a sense of reassurance and connection with myself I had not felt before. 

It’s clear looking back, that from my first experience with Reiki I hoped that one day I could facilitate that healing for others. More Reiki sessions followed and not only did my energy levels continue to improve, I also started to gain insights into my own condition. It was a gradual process but I began to connect with my mind, body, and spirit, and to manifest positive changes in my life. Healing was taking place and a door into a beautiful new world had been unlocked.

Once I was feeling stronger in myself and I realized that we all have the potential to activate and learn self-healing, I took my Reiki 1 course. Following that course, my outlook on life naturally changed and a spiritual path opened up ahead of me. I had never felt so happy, fulfilled or at one with myself as I did when sharing Reiki. Soon, I left my career in the corporate world and committed myself to bring the benefits of Reiki, love, and light to others. 

I feel very fortunate to have found Reiki and to have started the journey towards healing and wholing on all levels.

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