6 Ways to Enhance Your Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is essential to achieving success. Sometimes we have to do things we really don’t enjoy but they have to be done to reach goals. Self-discipline really is the way you motivate yourself to do the things you’d rather not do.

Guess what! You’re not alone. We all have days when we can’t motivate ourselves to do what we should. This leads to feeling bad about it, then we get really hard on ourselves which makes us feel even worse. Getting your self-discipline under control will help keep you from feeling bad.

Here are six tips to help you with your motivation

1.  Be Kind to Yourself

Recognize that everyone slips up occasionally and that when it occasionally happens to you, understand that it is one of your times. Let go of the feeling and move ahead. Holding on to that feeling doesn’t accomplish positive.

2.  Keep your eye on the prize

Remember why the goal is important to you. Visualize how you will feel when you reach it. Think about a way to make what you have to do easier and more pleasant.

3.  Break it down

Break a big task or time frame into smaller one. The less daunting a task seems, the more motivated you are to work on it. The folks who run marathons didn’t start out running 26 miles right out fo the gate. They may have started off with a learn to run clinic where they would walk for two minutes, run for one minute, building up from there.  Have to clean the house? Start with 10 minutes. Take a break and later do another 10 minutes.

4.  Have fun with it

You can find a way to make everything fun. Thinking of the cleaning the house example in the last paragraph, maybe putting on some energetic music will help make it fun and the time go faster. I personally like rock music for house cleaning. It just energizes me and keeps me moving forward. If my husband isn’t in the house, I might even sing along.

5.  Be Present

How many times have you found yourself thinking of something you will have to do in the future and stressing over it. The feelings that brought on just made the thought of doing it harder. Focus on what you are currently doing. Start thinking about that dreaded project when it’s time to work on it. It may not be quite so “dreaded” if you don’t worry about it beforehand.

6.  Consistency is key

Again, let’s use the housecleaning example. Once you get the house in shape, maintain it. Don’t let it get into a terrible mess again.  Small tidying up occasionally really does help. Same thing with exercise.  But again, if you do slip, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good. Accepting that good enough for now will motivate you to get moving with your project. Expecting perfection right out the gate may lower your self-discipline and keep you from getting anything done.

Unless your task is something you truly enjoy doing, you will need self-discipline to accomplish many of your goals. Remember:

  • to be good to yourself
  • don’t beat yourself up for not feeling disciplined
  • if you can, break your task down into manageable pieces
  • have fun with it
  • be present
  • think about the positive benefits that will come with completing your task

You will achieve your goals and be more successful.

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Alan Kowaleski

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